Each of these public figures has come under sartorial scrutiny for their less-than-fabulous denim choices-most recently, Malaika, who, according to People magazine, took to her website to tell the world, “I’m proud to rock mom jeans!”


Aamir Khan made an appearence at the Indiana Jones Premiere along with his nephew Imran Khan, whom he is about to launch in the forthcoming film ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’.

Imran Khan seems to make very good eye candy, but Aamir certainly looks no uncle next to him!


Two bollywood star kids; Vivek Oberoi and Zayed Khan, were spotted promoting environmental awareness at the Green Agenda event for IIFA.

First up Vivek…….we have seen the jeans/oversized shirt combo a million times on this guy, so considering this event was held by IIFA he could have been a little more presentable. A haircut is also way over due!

Zayed seems to be promoting the event with a no-shower look, complete with greasy hair. And can someone please tell this guy that a) you don’t look cool wearing shades inside and b) please button up your shirt and wear something a little smarter next time!


The King Khan was recently spotted at the launch of a study book, looking like his usual self in smart black suit and shirt combo. What’s really interesting though is the red eyewear which he only wore for about a second……..

What do you think?


Here at Bollywood Style, we find it rather disturbing that even when the celebs wish to visit a temple and pray, the paps are there to take a picture, but i guess it’s all part of the job! Anyway, here we have the entire Bachchan parrivaar visiting the Siddhivinayak Temple in the wee early hours of the morning….looking very simple and normal!


Item girl Malaika Arora Khan was spotted out this weekend at the baptism of Marc Robinson’s daughter. Now Malaika is one of those women who sometimes gets it very wrong, but when she gets it right she does look very chic!

You seriously can’t fault the cute shocking pink bubble dress, especially with her body! We like the minimal makeup and the swept back hair, the perfect look on a summers day and what seems like a very relaxed event.

The only problem is the whole pose with the Prada bag, which screams.. ‘hey look at me i have a Prada bag!’.



An event was recently organised for Care Home Children to promote the new film ‘Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic’, so lets take a look to see who made an appearence and what they wore…….

First up, we have the Bollywood actress Amisha Patel who performed at the event, wearing a khakhi coloured Shirt dress with a tan belt. Now she certainly looks good with the little weight loss, and i guess the Gladiator style shoes are not too bad as well. However, since she is performing at an event she should have worn something a little brighter and that belt does not go with that dress at all!

Next up we have the lead pair of the film – Rani Mukherjee and Saif Ali Khan.

Now what can we say about Rani, i really hate the styling of her hair at the moment as those layers just make her face look even more rounder. As for the outfit, it is very Rani! with the long flowing skirt and detailed jacket, in the red and beige tones. I don’t really like it, but i don’t really hate it…….it just gives her a very mumsy look, when we all know, with the right styling she can look like a million dollars!

Saif as usual looks very smart, but the colour of his suit just reminds me of a groom….it’s as if, after this event he’s meeting Kareena at the church to get married! It also looks a little tight don’t you think?